An appetite suppressant

Bitter Vetch which is also known as the Heath Pea was used in medieval times as an appetite suppressant during times of famine. Its use as an appetite suppressant was rediscovered by Dr. Brian Moffat during excavation of the monastery at Soutra Aisle and has resurfaced and is rapidly gaining popularity thanks to mounting research of its hunger extinguishing properties.

But what do I do with it?

The important part of the plant is the tubers, the dark - coloured sections attached to the roots. These tubers are dried and if eaten prevent thirst and hunger. Some sources claim that the effect could last for weeks!

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For those who just want the effects of the plant without the hassle of growing it. The tubers are the medicinal part of the plant and the part that we are intersted in. We have a number of buying options available for you. For more information click "Buy Tubers".

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Grow your own Bitter Vetch.

For those who want to enjoyment of growing their own Bitter Vetch plants, this is the perfect way to do just that! We offer as much help as you want and have a host of public information available to fix your every problem available here.

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"This plant once used to suppress hunger in times of shortage may now be used to control hunger in times of excess."

Who we are

I came across Bitter-Vetch in 2008 when I came across Dr Brian Moffat's research unearthing Bitter Vetch tubers whilst excavating a 14th century monastery in South Aisla. He then went on to rediscover their appetite surpressing qualities. Since then I have been cultivating the plant myself and building a knowledge base surround how to germinate and cultivate Bitter Vetch and the most effective ways of doing so. Planting and growing my own plants is something I take great pleasure in and have done since I was a young boy.

I am excited by the prospect of learning more about this relatively unknown plant, lost in history and the role in may play in the future. This mysterious plant, once used to surpress hunger in times of shortage may now be used to control hunger in times of excess!

- Mark Goff,

Owner of