Adoption Scheme

Introducing our adoption scheme

A constant supply of tubers

Our long awaited adoption scheme offer a constant supply of tubers. Here how it works...

We do the heavy lifting

We put in the early morning and the late nights so that you don't have to yourself. Simply sit back and wait for your delivery.

No risk

You buy a share of our crop, so you are guaranteed to recieve a minimum tuber weight of 21g per plant.

High quality

We use our years of expertise to grow you the best quality tubers, and so joining the adoption scheme guarantees this.

A letter from Mark

"In 2008 I read of bitter vetch (lathyrus linifolius) and it's appetite suppressing properties and since then I’ve been growing and supplying organic seeds to fellow enthusiasts like you. From feedback and photographs I know many of you have flourishing plants, whilst others have struggled to produce tubers for reasons of climate, space or simply because your fingers are any colour but green! A couple of years ago I established a crop of mature plants to produce tubers for those of you who struggled to grow them yourselves.

This plan was then stymied when out of the blue I was approached by a leading Scottish university seeking to investigate bitter vetch’s reputed medicinal properties. I've subsequently discovered that before they contacted me, a summer spent scouring the Scottish countryside resulted in just 28g of tubers with a dry weight of about 10g! Since then I’ve supplied the department with several kilograms of tuber and continue to do so as their exciting research moves into its next phase. You can read a short paper on their published findings to date here. After 9 years dedicated to growing and understanding bitter vetch, what it likes, what it dislikes; I now feel sufficiently prepared to put in place my long cherished dream of offering a tuber growing service to customers.

The premise is very simple: for a fixed price I will organically grow and nurture plants (in multiples of ten) and then harvest, prepare, dry, vacuum pack and dispatch the tubers by post. To establish the adoption scheme, and recognising that you have kindly bought seeds from me in the past, I am delighted to offer you a special introductory price of £65 per ten plants, plus a complimentary packet of 25 seeds harvested in 2016. This offer is open to any adoptions are taken out before April 9th 2017. Thereafter the adoption scheme will increase to a public rate of £80/10 plants and will not include the complimentary seeds. Furthermore, beyond May the rate will increase to £100/10 plants "